Airtight Services uses a variety of insulation products to air seal and insulate your home.


Our cellulose (R-3.4 per inch dense packed in walls, R-3.8 per inch open blown in attics) is treated with only boric acid and has passed all fire code requirements. Many other cellulose products readily available are treated with sulfates and borates. Sulfates can be corrosive, and in older homes cause electrical problems with BX wire.

Rigid Foamboard:

Depending on the situation we use:

  • Polyisocyanurate foil faced foamboard (R-6.5 per inch) taping all seams and fasteners with foil faced tape
  • Tongue and groove extruded polystyrene (pink or blue board R-5 per inch)
Spray Foams:
  • Two Part Closed Cell –Portable kits for spot air sealing and Rim Joist Applications (R-7 per inch)
  • One Part Fire Rated Foam for general basement and attic air sealing

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