Home Energy Audits

We have 2 levels of Home Energy Audits.

The Premier level encompasses a comprehensive look at your home. This includes:

  1. Check for safety 1st – testing your combustion appliances and fuel lines.
  2. Check your home from the basement to the attic for opportunities to improve your homes efficiency.
  3. Test your home for infiltration using a blower door test, simulating a 20mph wind on all sides of your home simultaneously.
  4. An audit report documenting the different findings will be sent to you shortly after the audit.


The Standard Energy Audit is more of a walk through with commentary. 

This audit is very common if you have recently had a new furnace installed or it is maintained properly. This Audit Includes:

  1. Gas line will be checked
  2. Home inspection for opportunities to improve your home’s efficiency
  3. Run the blower door test
  4. No audit report is included in this inspection.