Code Testing Services

As a certified HERS Rater we have the knowledge, experience, qualifications and equipment to complete certain Code required tests.

Airtight Services' Blower Door Tester

Blower Door Testing

NYS residential building code requires either a blower door test or visual inspection by the code enforcement officer for infiltration.  We would be happy to test your home in accordance with section N1102.4.3.1 of the 2010 New York State Residential Building Code.

Airtight Services' Dust Blaster

Duct Leakage Testing

We are equipped with a duct blaster to find the locations your ducts are leaking. Sealing these leaks will improve your heating distribution system. This test is required for Energy Star, but is a very useful tool in identifying leaks to the outside. We can fulfill the code requirements for testing your duct leakage.